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Has anyone heard of a problem where Sigma's lenses don't interact with the Nikon D7000 very well? My 24-70 HSM is "jumpy" and often back-focuses. It focuses, but it will sort of jerk back and forth a few times before it settles.

Someone mentioned having it re-chipped. Anyone else have this done? Did it fix the issue?

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Have you tried cleaning the contacts?

I'd say send it to Sigma. Who knows what they would do to it, or if it would involve 're-chipping' (not sure what that would entail), but they would be your best bet.

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The newer lenses are flashable. However, I know that


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I don't recall having seen any posts about the d7k having issues with Sigma lenses. But, there are a lot of posts about AF problems, without identifying the lenses. I tend to believe that there are some bodies out there with issues.

My d7k doesn't work well with my Sigma 100-300 f/4 or 120-300, but it doesn't involve the jumping and jerking that you describe. The lenses just won't focus properly at any distance. I haven't bothered to test my other Sigma lenses or do anything with the d7k. It seems to work fine with a Nikon lens of 200mm or higher. I haven't sent the lenses in to Sigma because they work fine on all of my other bodies.

I know that isn't real helpful, but it's the best I can do for now.


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i have the sigma 24-70 f2.8 pre hms & i will not work on my D7000 no focus at all

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Send to Sigma for repair / calibration