After the sunset

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After the sunset by tadzio89, on Flickr

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Based on a quick look of your Flickr gallery, you were going for minimalist and a touch somber. I think you achieved your goal.

I would still be tempted to boost the bright tones and saturation a tiny, little bit to bring out the highlights around her hair - not enough to lose the somber vibe, just to make her outline a little more visible. I think these types of images almost need to be printed because the variability of viewing conditions on the web makes it hard for viewers to see the subtle dark tones as the photographer intended.

Some may not like the horizon cutting through the head but I like how you can imagine her head being the setting sun.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work here on FM.

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thanks for a great comment! After your clues:

380 by piotr230, on Flickr

Andre Labonte
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My first impression: "It's cousin It!"

Sorry, just lacks a connection to the subject. I see hair and that's it.

Tony Hoffer
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I really dig it and her hair looks great

I'd have composed her more on the left side, but overall I think it's a cool image and would work well on marketing material.

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Some fantastic backgrounds on the gallery. Great for commercial stock photo background replacement or enhancements.