Colorado Fall Color

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Here is a 2 shot pano of Mt Sneffels which is down by Ridgway in Colorado. Taken on Sept 26th.

All comments are welcome,


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Absolutely gorgeous, Jim! I love the different hues of the trees. The composition and exposure are spot on. Thanks for sharing!


ben egbert
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Gorgeous. I was there a week or so earlier and it did not look anything like this. Great timing.

I really like the mix of colors, the snow and the light.

Derek Weston
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Beautiful shot there. Such a range of color. If you feel so inclined, should post a bigger version for better appreciation. (thing must be giant if you shot it with your d800)

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Beautiful Jim!

I blew it not going over there...

Robert Snow
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Fantastic! Love the view, the color, and your composition...this is a wallhanger for sure.

I have seen Mt. Sneffels from the Dallas Divide, but never knew how to get down to where you took this shot. Did you go in on Hwy 7 out of Ridgway? If so, will a 2-wheel drive regular vehicle get you to some closer views similar to your image?

Great image!

bob snow

Fred Miranda
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This is gorgeous Jim!
You got the mixed warm colors, snow and a great sky. All well composed Jim-style!
Thanks for sharing this one.

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Awesome shot! I'm wanting to go back to Colorado, this shot just makes me more impatient about another trip. Hopefully you plan to enlarge and frame this one.


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My eyes are burning from the orange Jim! Fantastic colors and love the comp.


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THAT is awesome.

Jo Dilbeck
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Oh why, oh why do I live in California? Stunning shot with beautiful colors!

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Wow. Boring old flatland where I live just doesn't compare!

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Just fantastic - colors, composition, sky and snow all blending very nicely. Nice work Jim !

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Great colors. I especially like the glow on the mountain tops and in the ground fog.

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Stunning! Thanks for sharing.

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A definite 'wowzer', Jim. Not sure I have ever seen such an array of awesome colors. Beautiful.


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Well, Jim, You did it again. Beautiful. I am imagining a huge print!!. can you show 100% crop of one or two spots, one close and one far? I presume it was taken with D800?

Jim Bau
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Of the charts Jim!!! Awesome comp, and I like the contrast between the cold mountain snow and the warm fall colors. Very nicly seen and captured.

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Really nice, Jim. Great timing on your visit, and great work in the color and composition.

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Amazing shot Jim!

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