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Nice, sharpness, contrast and soft shadows. Awesome capture.
thanks for sharing.

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Like this very much

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The first two like it a lot, me not so much. I just think the one light is harsh. I'm surprised that the light seems to be at least at the level or her head, but we've lost the details in her dark hair. I'm wondering if that's in the processing/b&w conversion, or how that worked out.

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I like the pose and that sh is connected to the lens; reminds me of Joan Crawford as photographed by George Hurrell.

I personally would like to see the shadow under her chin tamed. Odd that her hair has no detail.

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it almost looks 3D because of the lighting. I like it.

Jim Rickards
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I find is somewhat engaging, but a little bit too centered. I like her expression and most of the lighting.

The lack of hair detail may be a product of using f14 aperture.

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Here something else from this session

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Love the black and white.

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I like the eye contact and overall feel of the b/w post.