Fairly Old Nikon lenses

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I bought two lenses when I got my first Nikon. It was a N 6006, which died about 4 years ago. The lenses are a 35-70mm and a 70-210mm with variable f stops depending on the fl. They are AF. Are these kit lenses any good compared to the D and G lenses of today. I also have a couple of AIS lenses that I know are very good. One is a 135mm f/2.8 and the other is a 200mm f/4.

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The 135mm f/2.8 ais is a nice lense.

Any modern replacement would 12 times larger.

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These are all good lenses (not great but not costing $2,000.00 per ) The only concern you ever have with older lenses is if they have NOT been converted to AI and WERE pre AI lenses. They can do some serious damage to your camera.
Try out your lenses on a digital cam & see for yourself. The one real plus is that most of them were built better than less expensive lenses are built today!

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The 200/4 is also a decent lens. I use an Ai version with my D700, and the results are quite acceptable.