Some more water drop experiments

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This week I stopped with the construction for once and just continued playing with the equipment. The only changes I made were a slightly different point of view and a few diffusers to soften the light in parts.

I go back and forth on purchasing one of the Manfrotto light tables. On the one hand my DIY light table is doing the job, but there are other things that a larger light table would make easier. I also still have leveling issues and already need to replace the acrylic on my table.

Anyways, this week I spent a few days figuring out how to achieve different shapes in order to come up with a "cookbook" of sorts on drop shapes.

Jacob's Ladder by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

Dressing Up by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

Tower Landing by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

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Wonderful stuff- getting rather sculptural
Brian v.

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love these shapes.
are you using dyes,and coloured gels?

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Marvelous work!

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Thanks! For the drops and the base liquid I use food coloring. For the background I use colored gels.

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Love them! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more of these up here.

Tom In Arizona
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I'm way above the average age of most FM posters, so I can remember seeing Carmen Miranda on the TV many years ago. Your "Dressing Up" photograph immediately brought to mind her over the top wardrobes that helped make her a star of the era.

For those of you not familiar with her, here's a link to a YouTube video showing several scenes in which she looks very similar to your water drop. Chica, chica boom chic!

Thanks, and great work on the photographs!!

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Bravo!!! Fantastic shots.