Your best shot of 2012

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Marty Bingham
Registered: Feb 05, 2006
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It's too easy to pick the top 10. Let's tighten it up and see your best shot (1) of 2012.

Here's mine.

Thanks in advance,

Richard Rowe
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Here is my favorite.

Registered: Mar 11, 2011
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This one is most likely my best....

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Russ Isabella
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Hey Marty, hell of a place for a card game. No cigars? And damn you for forcing such a choice! My offering (probably would be different tomorrow):

Registered: Jun 11, 2005
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one for our 4-legged athletes

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21reddog wrote:
one for our 4-legged athletes

LOVE this one!


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Like this one because AJ seems to be looking at the camera.

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Don't know if it's my best or not. I am not good at picking these kind of things. But I like this one.

Matt OHarver
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I must be getting old, but I have no way to chose my best of an entire year. I shoot so many images I can't remember what all I have shot!


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Bow-and-arrow by davidkbrown, on Flickr

Registered: Jan 21, 2010
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Here is one of my recent ... Va Tech vs Iowa in the ACC vs Big Ten Challenge.



@ Marty - I am in Murphy NC till Wednesday - what can I shoot?

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I think it is probably this one.

Steamboat 2012 394 by bobteixeira, on Flickr

Epic powder day at Steamboat, February 2012. Thankfully no major injuries sustained.

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Here is one of my favorites!


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It's barely December, there's still plenty of time to shoot!

I'd have to go with this guy though

I hope it changes at an event I'm shooting in a couple weeks

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Top of my list at the moment

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My favorite player!

Registered: Jul 19, 2012
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It's hard to choose just one but I chose this one since it was a planned shot and took awhile to get

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I had a couple that I went back and forth on, but I will settle on this one


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