First post - Mallards

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Hello everyone:

I am amazed by the work of so many gifted photographers on these boards - this is my first image posting here and I hope that some of you will help improve my skills with you comments and criticism.

Thanks for looking.


Martin Good
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Welcome to the Forum George.
This is a very nice pair of mallards for your first post.
They look well exposed and in focus.
One hint is to try to get as level with them as possible, that usually means getting down low and being as level as possible with their eyes.
Looking forward to seeing more from you.

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Welcome to the forum George. Lots of avenues exist to improve on results - from composition to post processing, and everything in between. Lots of folks on this forum are willing to share their knowledge and experience (lots of good posts on many topics can be searched for using key words). One of the best things to do is to really pay attention to the images posted here (or in books or other web sites) that you like and figure out why you like them: point of view, quality of light, composition, etc. Then learn how to achieve similar results by trying to emulate those images (trial and error, asking specific questions and seeking out those answers from all available resources, practice, doing self-evaluation, and more practice). I'm sure others will add more thoughts on the topic. Keep on shooting.

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Martin -

Good point, I will keep it in mind next time - thanks for your comments and input.


Rob Tillyer
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Welcome aboard George.


Ted ellis
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Welcome aboard George

Tim Kuhn
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Welcome George, some excellent advise has been offered, I won't repeat it


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Welcome George !!! Very nice first post. I am still rather new at this, but some of the early advise I was given, was get as low as you can, focus on the eye and keep your shutter speed up . Whatever you do , just get out and take pictures, and have fun

There are many very knowledgeable and helpful folks here ! They still put up with me, so they are also a patient lot

Look forward to more .


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All your comments are greatly appreciated! Many thanks

Karl Witt
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Hello George and a warm welcome to this forum where we all help and share and at times beat each other up a bit

I'll always say what is on my mind when I look so please never take anything in a negative way just look at it as a possible area to modify or improve on.

For the high angle you shot from I think you made a pleasing choice of subject placement, looks nice and a great exposure showing even the underwater legs

I was once at Belle Isle, long long long time ago to watch the Hyrdo Plane races

A great start and if you sit in one place long enough, they generally will come closer!

OK, next shot....................Ducks in flight
Have fun here and ask questions

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Thanks for your kind words. I was at the Gold cup races some years ago, but haven't followed it recently..

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nice job on the ducks George

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Welcome. I like #2. I would say to leave more room on the right and less to the left. Lead into where the birds are going, not to where they have been. That is how the eye tracks into the photo. Good start.

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Welcome George! Great intro. #2 is my pick.