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It has been awhile since I last posted ... Life is just consuming ...

I still visited the forum often enough ... and dropped a few comments here and there.

I want to share this beautiful bird I captured couple weeks ago.

As always thanks for looking.


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#2 Say's Who

#3 Say's Phoebe !

#4 Searching for Birds

#5 Looking for Birds

#6 Waiting for Birds

#7 Fading Light

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These are a delight to view Khai


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morris wrote:
These are a delight to view Khai


Thank you Morris!

I'm glad you and yours are okay, Sandy was a tough disaster for many families.


Ernie Aubert
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I don't peruse this particular forum very often any more because it's 90% birds and I've had enough... but your first shot is on another level! That's one of the best I can remember.

San Jose is my hometown; before "Silicon Valley" and the insane population explosion, the valley was really something.

Ed Porter
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Wow! This is an entire set of fabulous images! Great job!


Rob Tillyer
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Very nice set Khai, nice to see a post from you.


Tim Kuhn
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Great to see you back Khai, I have been missing your work

Gorgeous job on the Phoebes, you won me over with the first one. 6 is another top pick for me. Great work my friend, you haven't lost your touch!


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Great to see you back Khai, I have been missing your work

+1 Glad you are back ! Fantastic set. Love them all but a few just jumped out at me - 1, 4 an 6 are outstanding.

Hope life settles down for you so you can post more often. Always enjoy you marvelous images.


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Lovely landscapes Khai! Bird images are quite nice. Well done all round.

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Beautiful bird shots but #6 is just gorgeous.

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You were very productive when you were searching, looking and waiting for birds


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Very nice Khai. Sometimes a lack of tarhets makes us look beyond for un-thought-of opprotunities.

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i like them all Khai .. but #1 is my favorite

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Top shots Khai, nice colours in these. 1 and 6 for me.


David Leask
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Beautiful shots Khai, thanks for sharing your work

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Wowza Khai! What a rockin' set. There isn't a weak sister in the bunch but for me the 4th is just gorgeous with amazingly beautiful colors, warmth and spectacular composition...I'm not sure I would have minded not seeing a single bird after having a view like that...thanks for sharing that

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Beautiful set Khai. The bg and clarity on 1 and 3 are awesome. You're darn good man!

Ted ellis
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Striking images Khai...real stunners

Ed Robertson
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Wonderful photo's Khai. And and all the very best of the season my friend. Broke my middle finger left hand hit it with a stick while playing my drums go figure. Ed

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Lovely vista and the Say's Khai

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