Lightning in Yuma

Jeff W.
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I was fortunate to attend the official Marine Corps basing and re-designation ceremony at MCAS Yuma for the Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II. I got lucky with some interesting afternoon Arizona winter back-lighting.

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The processing makes it even more special.
Very cool shot.

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Very nice Jeff!

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Holy toledo that's awesome Sir!


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I can't put into words all of the things that just "work" in this photograph. This turned out extremely well in all aspects. The only thing that I can find remotely wrong with this particular photograph is that it isn't mine.

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Fantastic toning on this! Really an appealing piece here.


Colin Giersberg
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Jeff, you have the Midas touch with your processing. One thing I have to admit though is that the more I see the F35, the more I like it.

Mike M. Kraus
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Very sweet ! 'specially if your a pilot or in my case ex

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Wow, excellent shot. That's a beautiful aircraft.

Jeff W.
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Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Tim ONeill
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Great toning and post work here. Excellent.