Canon EOS 6D in Stock! - download manual

Fred Miranda
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The new Canon EOS 6D is in stock at B&H Photo. Both B&H and Adorama are already shipping the first pre-orders.

B&H Photo | Adorama |

Instruction Manuals are now available for download. Here are the different versions:

Full Instruction Manual 40mb
Pocket Guide 1mb
Basic Instruction Manual 12mb
Wi-Fi Basic / GPS Instruction Manual 2mb
Wi-Fi Function Full Instruction Manual 12mb

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Does this mean newer versions of Canon software as well?

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There was never a good answer on whether this body had the AF-assist points of the 5D II. Page 372 of the manual seems to think not. Roger at LensRentals has verified that the center-point accuracy with a static target is on par with the 5D II. Now I'm curious about AI-Servo.