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Hey guys, I finally got around to editing the shots my buddy and I took when we went out to Lake Tahoe earlier this year. Now, there are some problem's with the photo's, these were the first DSLR photo's I have ever taken and I was way out of my league, basically just auto'd everything. I edited some of these and wanted to see what the pros thought based on the originals. I've never had a single course on photography or editing, basically all self taught and constant research of tips from you all! I just don't want to over process these since I want to possible frame them at some point.

These shots aren't as sharp as I hoped but still, it's what I have to work with. I can provide the originals if you would like, but won't be till I get home since I forgot to add them on my flashdrive! DOH!

Flare top center, my editing skills aren't that great but can this be corrected? Is this

Powder blasting

Here's a photo we had some passerby take of us, I added one of the edited and one ps'ing the boundary marker out, do you think I should get the rope out as well and maybe crop more of the left side off? thoughts?

Here's it with the stick

Thanks for the help!!!!

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too much vignetting for my taste. blues are little over saturated. a lot of these will benefit from tighter cropping too

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Nick, I prefer the stick out, but it really doesn't bother me either. Gives a sense of where you are, Lake Tahoe is beautiful.