Favorite Photograpy Magazines?...

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What is your favorite photography magazine?

I've let all of my subscriptions expire but was thinking about buying myself a holiday gift. Suggestions?...

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I guess no one at FM subscribes to any photography magazines. There must be ~some~ periodical that people like??

Ronny Mills
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Interview, Vanity Fair. Love the editorial photography in them.

jim allison
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Aperture, but it costs a fortune. It only comes out 4 times a year and the quality of reproduction is outstanding. Of the more popular priced publications, I believe Outdoor Photographer to have the best content, but it all depends what you are into.

Aaron D
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Outdoor Photography & Outdoor Photography Canada are my faves.
I also like PDN, & Photo Life.

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Aaron D wrote:

^this. Love that magazine

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I got a deal on popular photography (a few bucks), which is only okay. Seems more like one giant ad which I suppose we can thank the internet for. Im not sure I could honestly recommend it.

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Bigg Butts Magazine.

Kent in SD

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I read Photo District News every month. It's more business than hardware or technique oriented and aimed more at commercial photographers than wedding/portrait folks or non-pros.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

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Black and White Photography. Not sure its available in the US though.

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B&W, it is an amazing magazine, I really miis not finding it in the UK though


They also have another one named colour but I never got my hands on it.

There are a few others available here in the UK. Like aperture and such, but sometimes they border too much into "nouveau photography" which I don't enjoy.

Of the art+technical magazines, I'd give it hands down to BJP, to which I do subscribe..

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My favorite is Fred Maranda's http://www.fredmiranda.com interactive magazine for the new age.

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Outdoor Photography, Shutterbug and Petersen's Photographic.

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National Geographic

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What about N-Photo? A dedicated Nikon publication. Kind of pricey as well. I pick one up at Barnes and Noble every once in awhile.

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I don't subscribe to any photography magazines per se. I do receive Photoshop User from NAPP. The web has more information and news on photography and photo equipment than I can keep up with.