Fuller and his Guitar

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It's been a while. Here is a recent shot of my son. Just messing around in the back yard.


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Handsome guy.
What I like:
- Nice composition of your son in the frame (off-center)
- Nice, albeit neutral/serious expression
- Attractive high-key-ish exposure/processing
- Catchlights in the eyes that livens him up
- I like the way the background provides leading lines to the face

What I like less:
- Hot red (and to some extent the neck) of the guitar sort of spoils the high-key effect and pulls attention away from your son. The whole point was probably to show him WITH the guitar but I would be tempted to pull back the saturation of the red to go with a more consistent high-key/low contrast look.
- I'm not sure if it is due only to the diffuse light or if you also did some Recovery/exposure adjustments in post but the skin tones of his face are almost gray and the low local contrast in his face removes a lot of character and sculpting. I like the high-key-ish look as I said but if you compress the tones too much in the face it starts to lose its dimensionality
- There is another current thread of a child with a guitar that has some discussion you might want to look at regarding the pros and cons of cutting off parts of the guitar. The cut-offs honestly don't bother me much here although I would be tempted to include more of the bottom part of the guitar (and de-saturate the red as already mentioned).

John Power
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That fretboard looks wide! I believe that's the economy version of the Strat and my Strat fretboard doesn't look near that wide. Maybe it's the camera angle... just say in'