One of these things is not like the other..

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My daughter is house sitting a couple of pups (barking kittens?!?) and this is just for cutesy "awww" factor, I win if you smile. Nothing too interesting otherwise, it's a 5min setup with a roll of paper and a 580 aimed at the ceiling. The heads are a little overcooked, but I'm rolling with it.

Jim Rickards
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Good ideas need to be acted on. #2 is my pick.

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You win, I smiled! #2 for me.

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1 and 3.
Set is off the Cuteness Scale.

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That's pretty funny

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At first I thought it was someone with too much gear and no subjects but on a second look I noticed it. Nice shot - glad I stopped long enough to look properly.

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That's great!

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Good Fun!

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Great shot!

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great idea,,

certainly places a smile on the face,,

thank you,,