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Greetings. How have I not heard of this sub-forum before?

Well I've just started experimenting with combining digitally created elements with photographs for the purpose of photographic compositions of things that don't necessarily exist. This is clearly a powerful tool and I'm finally taking a stab at using the two media towards a single artistic goal. It's an extension of a series I've been working on (seen at that abstracts detailed elements in the real world into bold, but simple, graphic compositions, but so far that is strictly photographic. I'm excited by the opportunity of creating some of the elements of the composition. It doesn't seem to match most of the work that's already in here, but does match my interpretation of "Digital Art & Abstract." If you think it's better off at another website, let me know.

Anyway, just seeking initial reactions on this piece, and I hope to do more like it soon. The rendered portion was done with 3ds max.


Mark Andrew
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Hey Sam:

Very cool concept and very well executed. Your attention to detail and workmanship is fantastic - the shadows and gradation work in particular.

This is a great one - unlimited possibilities. I'll look forward to seeing more.


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I like this

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Great work I really like the detail nice job.

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Excellent work, I am looking forward seeing more as well.

Rags Hef
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Looks good Sam

Nice clean work