Hockey; Edinburgh Capitals vs Hull Stingrays

Ed Swift
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Finally made it to my first match Sunday before last. I really enjoyed it and am looking to go back soon.

I found it quite a challenge to shoot. Not particularly as we were in the seats as that was expected but trying to get a decent shutter speed and iso. Ended up shooting mostly at 1600 and s/s of 1/320-1/500 knowing i'd have to push the exposure in Lightroom. Sadly 3200 is just too noisy on my camera.

All taken with Canon 40d and 70-200 F4 non IS.

Apologies for the mixture of lighter and darker exposures, all had to bee lightened between 1/2 and (i think) 1 1/2 stops, depending on how far i thought i could risk it. Donations for a f2.8 or faster long lens appreciated.

Any suggestions & comments appreciated.

1. Capitals Goalie

2. Hull Stingray

3. Holecko (Capitals) just after passing.



Thanks for looking.

dj dunzie
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Some good captures in there... but I honestly think you'd get better image quality at ISO3200 and more exposure in-cam than shooting ISO1600 underexposed and brightening in post. I shot older bodies worse for high ISO results than the 40D at ISO3200 and as long as you expose to the right you should be able to make it work respectably. Sure, we'd all like to have arena lighting that allows 1/800th at ISO800, but until they start hiring photographers to consult with building contractors for new rinks, we have to make the adjutments...

They're still coming off dark IMHO, so maybe try to get more exposure in-cam and bump the ISO if you can't swing the f2.8 just yet...


Ed Swift
Registered: Jul 03, 2009
Total Posts: 1927
Country: United Kingdom

Thanks for the comments DJ, I'll give it a go at 3200 next time. A couple of weeks before I was at 3200 for a gig and it was horribly noisy, but maybe the brighter subject matter will help hide it.