Garibaldi (Chrysomus ruficapillus)

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This one is called "Garibaldi" here in Brazil, and google tells me it's called "Chestnut-capped Blackbird" in english.

I don't usually like birds on barbed wire, but I can't resist this one because of the similarity between his feet and the spikes on the barbed wire.

So: what do you think? It's a little blurred due to the slow shutter speed, you can tell at 100% but I don't think it's a problem at this image size, is it?. Does the spider web distract? Should I reduce some of the 'glare' on his back? Should I increase exposure on the dark region of his chest?

D3100, AF-S 300mm + TC 14EII, 420mm f/5.6, ISO 400, 1/500 sec.

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The capture is well done. Clearly well exposed; almost like the bird wanted to pose for you. Thanks for sharing.

ben egbert
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Black birds are really difficult to expose, nice job. The barb wire is what you got and sometimes the bird just makes it worthwhile.

I would clone out the web, easy enough to do but its a small nit.

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Very nice.
The barbed wire doesnt bother me.
Maybe a bit more shadow detail on the chest.
Background colors are beautiful and compliment the bird's reddish brown crown.
Clone out the web.
Still prefer more standard crops, but.....


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Thanks for the feedback lylejk, Ben and Scott.

Cloned out the web, and tried to get some more shadow detail on the bird's chest (however I didn't have much detail there in my RAW file it seems).

Sorry Scott, but can't overcome my 16:9 addiction for this one