Fading Poppies, a chippy and crow

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Martin Good
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Country: Switzerland

6 images

Still a few poppies around in the local park here, but fading fast.
A chippy and crow for good measure.
All taken handheld with the Canon 400 F5.6.

C&C welcome
Thanks for looking

Martin Good
Registered: Mar 16, 2008
Total Posts: 20865
Country: Switzerland

Last two

Jude Perera
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Country: Sri Lanka

Nice captures martin. My picks are the first one and last two.


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First and last for me Martin. First is a pleasant floral, and the last is a standout crow picture.

Rob Tillyer
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Nice set Martin, make it the crow for me.


Registered: Oct 06, 2008
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great set a very delight to see them all, Martin I am in Berlin now... will let you know if i plan to come over Geneva .. have great weekend...


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Love that first poppy and the chippy. The fading flowers aren't pretty (you know what I mean...they are past their prime) , but are very well done photographically and work really well. The crow are excellent as well...a very under appreciated bird.

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Nice Martin! First two for me, but the two aging poppy shots are quite interesting!


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lovely Martin .. the last one for me

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Nice set of fading poppies, Martin.
I like 2, 4 and the last two a lot.
Looks like autumn colors are fading further south too.

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First poppy looks real good to me Martin. I like the chippy and the crow too ~ Ron

Lance B
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A lovely series of photos, Martin. First two and last two are my picks.

Thomas Sanders
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Agree that is a nice comp for the Crow Martin
Your opener is gorgeous and my favorite in this fine series


Charlie Shugart
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An excellent selection, Martin- and I like them all.
Gotta go with the chipmunk as my favorite; those little critters are so dang cute!

Registered: Oct 31, 2007
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Very nice images, Martin. My favorites are the lovely first poppy and the terrific crow image. Very rare I would pick a crow, but the exposure, detail, perch and composition are top notch.


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What a lovely set. 3, 4 and 6 are my favorites.


David Leask
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Beautiful shots Martin, the colours in those flowers are just fabulous

Karl Witt
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First, that Crow shot is spot on Martin, outstanding blacks buddy!

Poppies look wonderful, rich in color and nice in texture and a fine job with the 'double' shot and well done on the fading flowers.


James McQueen
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Awesome images.

- Jim

Tim Kuhn
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I've always liked your Poppies Martin These are beautiful my friend, no nits on them If I'm going to crit anything it would be Chippy's tail Now to the Crow... you are a charter member in top standing in the Crow Club Martin, this shot shows why, super duper image my friend


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