#103 Negretti & Zambra of 15, New Bond Street

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For those that believe we will, some time in not so distant future, cross
the oceans once again with help from stars and mechanical instruments
instead of computers and artificial satellites:


  1. Sextant: Negretti & Zambra (of 15 New Bond Street), nineteen-twenties.
  2. Seiko "Panda" chronometer, nineteen-seventies

He drank again.

"By all that's wonderful, it is the sea, I believe, the sea itself - or is
it youth alone? Who can tell? But you here - you all had something
out of life: money, love - whatever one gets on shore - and tell me,
wasn't that the best time, the time when we were young at sea;
young and had nothing, on the sea that gives nothing, except hard
knocks - and sometimes a chance to feel your strength - that only -
what you all regret?"
(from Joseph Conrad, "Youth: A Narrative")


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