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Kahwa is the name used for Arabic Coffee.
In fact Coffee is based and derived from the Arabic word Kahwa.

This set up is for the traditional coffee cups and the Dallah which is the name for the Coffee pot in the Arabian Gulf.

Arabic coffee is made out of the Arabica bean originally from Ethiopia.

Fast forward to Yemen where coffee was traded and shipped from the port of Moccah, hence the other coffee name of Mocha!
Moccah beans originated from San'aa capital of Yemen.

Fast, fast forward. A Syrian couple from Damascus and Aleppo traveled to Turkey in 1555 and introduced the art of roasting and preparing coffee and hence the name of Turkish coffee.

I personally drink Arabica or Moccah dark roast, mixed with Dark roasted Cardamon ground with a 1/4 approx ratio.

I also like the other Saudi and Gulf way of preparing coffee which consist of macerated lightly roasted beans mixed with Cardamon pods and Saffron.

Finally, I enjoy a good Espresso Ristretto and my preferred place is in Rome at the Tazza D'oro.

Enjoy you coffee.

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I spent some time in the middle east and had forgotten these. Thanks for the memories & good luck.

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Ahh, Roma - ciao bella cittą...

Nice composition and detail.

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Very interesting grouping of items. A nice capture.

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Nice lighting, interesting set. I like it.