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IMG_2926 copy by Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK (, on Flickr

Limacodidae? Slightly wet after a light shower at night.

IMG_1168 copy by Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK (, on Flickr

IMG_2847 copy by Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK (, on Flickr

A caterpillar with parasitoid wasp's cocoons

IMG_2688 merged copy by Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK (, on Flickr

Cocoons in a net

IMG_8030 copy by [url=]Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK
([/url], on Flickr

IMG_8025 copy by Kurt / Hock Ping GUEK (, on Flickr

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great set kurt.

Jonathan Huynh
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excellence shots.

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Great shots, Personally i find it hard to make catapillers look good. You seem to nailed it.

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Wonderful shots of interesting bugs
Brian V

michael kilner
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agree with above

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an excellent set Kurt

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excellent shots, nature is so amazing when you stop and look at the small stuff.

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Great photos...viewing your excellent photos from the rain forests makes me feel as if I'm viewing a major production by the BBC. Now all we need is Sir David Attenborough to provide some entertaining narration! Actually, your photos make narration unnecessary if one's enjoyment is primarily based on aesthetic and photographic factors...