Nutmeg Mannikin and friends (4)

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These were taken with the MkIV and the 500+1.4xTC, except the last one taken with the 7D and the 400/5.6.
Nutmeg Mannikin, also known as Spice Finch, is an introduced species. Small populations are found in Florida and California, but their presence is growing staidly.
C&C welcome.

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beauties, #1 is my pic, fantastic image

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Beautiful light and backgrounds...nicely done.

Rob Tillyer
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Super Socrate, love the little ones.


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The first 2 are super Socrate


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Lovely set Socrate. Those finches are pretty.

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These are all great Socrate. 2 and 3 have a slight edge for me ~ Ron

Jude Perera
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Very nice captures of the little ones. May top pick is the Chickadee.


Karl Witt
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Sometimes I forget to look at the whole bird when I see your 'eyes' Socrate

#1 is fabulous on exposure and WB and some clean greens too! No complaints from me with the 500+TC combo on these. Very nice variations on the warm brown and rust colored hues on the Nutmegs.

The BCC is always a challenge, very black and very white.................and you have captured both quite nicely

I am looking forward to some good Tufted shots soon, just starting to see them again and they are a very pretty bird, thanks for the teaser!


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Lovelies Socrate

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Another signature set of little ones from you Socrate, these are all lovely.
#1 is wonderfully composed, love the perch and beautiful greens surrounding the NM which is exposed perfectly.
2-4 are also very well done, but #1 is my favorite.
Excellent work and a pleasure to view.


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Wonderful set, Socrate. I don't believe I've ever seen a Nutmeg Mannikin before. Thanks for sharing. What great captures of a beautiful bird.


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excellent set Socrate .. #1 is my favorite

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fantastic lovely images, i prefer #1, but all are great too, and i can see why 1 series bodies are winner over 7D from last shot, i was going to say why that last one is least crispier and more noisy than the first or 3.

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Great shots of the mannikin Socrate and I love the other calls it spice the other a more specific spice, nutmeg.

David Leask
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Super shots Socrate. Your chickadee really looks like our coal tit

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All beauties, Socrate. Well done

Martin Good
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Wonderful detail and spot on focus in all of these Socrate with # 1 being tops for me for the lovey colors and tones and the patterns of the feathers. It seems you were shooting into challenging backgrounds in some of these but the birds still stand out well from them.

Charlie Shugart
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Socrate- these are all really excellent images of spectacular little birds.
And no bird ever had a better name than the tufted titmouse- except perhaps the laughing jackass bird from Down Under .

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Very pretty!

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