One suspended, two almosts, three little ones (6)

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Karl Witt
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Sometimes the AF of our cameras amazes me, such a small distant target that gets a sharp lock-on and makes for me a fun comp to share.....Quack!

Our local used to provide numerous Red Headed Woodpeckers, last few years have been scarce. There have been a few hanging around but I just can't get the dream shots I want so I will share a few very large crops just because I like this bird

Always chasing little birds and this Sparrow got my attention for a few quick shots.

Just a few to share, thanks for the visit and hope all is well and everyone is gearing up for a safe relaxing Thanksgiving get together and feast

Take care

Karl Witt
Registered: Jul 11, 2007
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and a few to my Sparrow

Thanks for the visit

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Karl -- I like that first one, the composition and the background are a nice change from the beautiful portraits we get so used to around here. Of course the beautiful portraits that follow in the set are pretty nice too.

Rob Tillyer
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Sweet set Karl, I really dig the first one, great composition.


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Super work Karl. The first and next to last are my picks


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How do you say "Geronimo" in quack language...very funny image. Likin' red's hairdoo even at the steep angle. The nutty one is pretty cool and the sparrows are wonderful. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has branches in FRONT of their subject.

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That 1st image has the feel of looking out a cabin window in the woods... love the fall colors in the BG, excellent comp, beautiful image.
RBWP's sure are cool looking birds, I don't mind the angle or the crop.
Maybe if you had some nuts they would give you a look. Hmmm, that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean.
Your capture of the Sparrow :trying to hide" is terrific buddy, thorny perch is cool too.
Great stuff Karl... man I really like that 1st image.


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Good set Karl,

fantastic colours! and impressive in-flight shot!

Conrad Tan
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A fine set! I'm diggin #1 how it kept track of the duck with such a similar BG. Well done man!

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a lovely set Karl .. i like them all

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The comp in 1 made me smile Karl. The woodies seem to prefer the tops of trees when I have my gear, but you did well. And a great job on the peeps ~ Ron

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The color and detail of #5 are spectacular Karl! That's the finest pic of a Field Sparrow that I've witnessed.

Nice job,

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Nice set Carl. The last one is my fave. A nice, stand-up portrait.

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Karl, beautiful set. Love what you saw in that first shot. It is stunning!
Heavy crop and all the rhwp with the nut is a cool shot
Love the little ones.
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


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Karl, I love all of them! Nice job!
Happy Thanksgiving, BeeBalm

Ted ellis
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These are fantastic Karl. #3 and 5 are my favorites.

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Beautiful series Karl. #1 is framed very nice, not everyday I see a photo with the subject just about 10% (or less) of the photo but still dominates the entire picture very well. Love the colors on all of these.

David Leask
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Super shots Karl. I love the first one and how the Mallard (?) just hangs there. Sparrows are fab too

Karl Witt
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Thanks to all! I am glad that most of you liked #1 for the big open comp, kind of my favorite to create.

Conrad- maybe I used 'manual focus' on that first one............but I didn't Just got the dot on it and I didn't drift off the duck and no surrounding points were enabled I don't think?

Thanks and sorry for the combined reply but sometimes I just don't have time to catch up but I am most thankful for the replies, you can bet on that!

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Karl, Great set and the first one really has a feeling of space to it with a 3D effect, very nice


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