How many shots on your 1DX so far?


Pixel Perfect
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So many of you guys take more shots in 3-6 months than I take in 5 years. I only taken about 35K since 2004 when I got my first digital.

I'm still processing files from 2007

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WOW, Are you fire spraying? I just got my 1DX before yesterday, i don't know how many clicks i will get after 1 month.

Caleb Williams
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Hammy wrote:
Not a 1Dx yet, but with my first Mark2N, I hit 430,000 clicks in it's first 6 months of life.

(yes, > 70,000 a month... which only comes out to about 100/hour... every hour for 6 straight months )

That reminds me of a political ad this campaign season about filling up the Metrodome everyday for 9,000 years...

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Pixel Perfect wrote:
I'm still processing files from 2007

Haha, me too. I was going through my archive the other day and have equestrian events from 2007-2009 that I have not got too.

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120 !!!

Bought it yesterday and only had this evening some time to test it in house.

I guess I don't have to explain you all that I'm really looking forward to the weekend.


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