some 'roids // FPJ

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I got my replacement RZ67 today and went on a polaroid spree.

I was too lazy to look for my lightmeter, so these are all guesstimations (some better than others )

C&C appreciated as always









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These are 2, 4, 5. Especially 2. Thx for sharing

Josh Evilsizor
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I have a poloroid back for my RB67 that I keep meaning to try out, but haven't gotten around to it... which instant film are you using?

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great shots!

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Those aren't the roids we're looking for....

Actually they are great

Thanks for sharing.

Dan Knowlton
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no 'roid rage here!

Like the pics.

Dan K.

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Good fun with the polaroids. 2,4,5 are my favorites, with 5 in the lead.

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Thanks guys. Every time I stick my polaroid back on I realize how much fun it is. And the actual roids look much much better than the scans, especially the ones with a lot of shadow area.

Josh, it's the fuji fp3000b.

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3, 4 and 7 are my favs. I'm impressed by your exposures and by the # of keepers you got. Its so easy to overshoot digital and I can see how shooting MF polaroids could really help discipline your shooting and exposures.