Trading cards/sports cards printers 2 sided

Chad Bassman
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Hello - I tried to search the forum without success... I'm wanting to buy a template from Chris from the Sports forum and get them printed by somebody. The problem is that I'm finding that printers either have too large of a minimum order or charge to "setup" the template for like $20... both of which would make it too costly to sell them to individual parents. I need the prints to be done on both sides which greatly narrows down my options as well...

Anyone have a suggestion for a good/great quailty printer that can handle smaller orders and aren't cost prohibitive?


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Miller's... by the dozen, but a setup with a custom design. Just use theirs.

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Are Millers printed on photo paper? I'm curious... I use Millers for alot of my other print needs but for my trading cards I use Custom Sports Cards . You can order 1 set or as many as you want. Very reasonable in my opinion.


Mr Mouse
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Custom sports cards and tradeing cards are not that hard to create yourself. On a single piece of 8.5x11 photo paped you should be able to print six baseball type cards.

My Photo Collage Tookit includes a sample Baseball card template and a template for making a collage of 6 baseball size cards on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

My free Photoshop Packages can be downloaded from this link