My tiny hockey contribution

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Hi Everyone,

Certified newbie/rookie/amateur alert!

I have read people wanting some hockey so I thought I'd post a few of the better shots I had left over from my part time hockey gig. I usually have to dump everything to a mac then format my card and run to the next game so I don't typically get to save any shots at all.

Using a d7000, 80-200 f2.8d (2 ring). ISO is usually 2000, and yes I've touched these up a bit!

I tend to have a problem with auto focus when a player is coming directly at me (i normally get to shoot from the penalty box). (thanks again for the advice, DJ)
Other than that I don't usually have too much trouble but think I should get my lens tuned up or checked out. I am still missing out on too many shots because of slight softness. Also thinking of going up to 70-200 v1.

C&C welcome