Between two storms at Seiser Alm

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I went to Italy for five days at the end of October in search of "weather" and got more than I bargained for. On this day I could have counted the minutes of sunshine on my fingers and toes, but it was a lot better than none at all, which is what I got the following day.

As always, comments are very welcome.

Thanks for looking, and may the light be with you!

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Absolutely beautiful! Wonderfully captured as well! I love the inclusion of the cabins for scale. Great job on the processing as well, I can really feel the the texture of the mountain.

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Awesome. Definitely love the inclusion of the cabins.

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That is a real beauty!


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I love the drama in this image. Nice work!


Brad Williams
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Wow, that's really nice! Beautiful shot!

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wonderful capture


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Frame that one!

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Nice one with the trees still brown.

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What a beautiful sight. Well done here.


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What a great shot! Congrats!

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Superb landscape! The inclusion of the cabins really bring a sense of scale..outstanding work

James Burden
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Simply an incredible sight! Well done....

Steve Sieren
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Would love to live in that little shack!

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Many thanks to you all for the comments! I really do appreciate them. I'm leaving soon for another mountain excursion, this time backpacking at about 6,000 feet, and I just read the weather report predicting the cloud layer to be a thousand feet lower than that. So...probably no cloud drama for me on this next trip...oh well!

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Stunning image! Having the huts there really give the whole scene scale. Love it!


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Awesome!! The cabins give scale to the image and that is often missing in landscape shots.

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Very nice.

Fred Miranda
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Wonderful capture! Love the light quality.
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Found this through the "featured" image on twitter, fantastic photo!

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