Cold Dark Canyon

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Although a fairly common, yet uncommon location, I wanted to go up and photograph it tonight as I had taken a long cold hike all the way up the washes and around the gigantic butte a few days ago. So I wanted a fresh look at the butte and down into the canyons. The remains of the first snowfall are obvious and not going anywhere. Like everything in Utah the size of the butte is huge when you immerse yourself like a tiny ant into the landscape...
I may have to work more on my title though.

Thanks for looking!

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Hey Craig,

What cool lighting in this. The foreground rocks are cool.


Scott Kroeker
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Cha ching!

Excellent photo!

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Thanks Jim and Scott!

Can't believe how long it took to set that shot up, trying to get all the elements I wanted into one frame... Sheesh! And then that for just < 5 minutes of good light. It's almost stressful, Ha! ha!

Derek Weston
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Lovely natural image. Long to return to this area. Utah in the winter is one of my favorites.

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I like it cold and dark.

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Craig, great work on this image. I will say that compositionally, to me, the foreground rocks loom quite large and bright relative to that attractive background that I want to see more of. I think the ideal place for the camera in this situation would have been about 10-15 feet higher that it was. Try to envision it, even if it is not possible to have done that. I often wish that I had a 20 ft tall tripod with steps!

Steve Sieren
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Great tension with the powerful highlights on those distant towers!

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Thanks again guys.

Jeffrey, I'm with you 100%... If you have been to this location compositions are really limited. There is a cliff behind you, I might try a telephoto and shoot down to see how it works. I might buy one of those goofy ladders they sell on cable TV too.. Can you imagine being on a cliff edge standing on top of a wobbly ladder and looking through a viewfinder? Vertigo maybe..

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I really like the broken up foreground rock. It tells a story.
I can see the advantage of a higher viewpoint but it work nicely as it is.

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I really like the depth and light you captured here. Nice work!