Paris- book seller

Charlie Shugart
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On a cold and wintry day.
Photo taken many years ago with B&W film- recently scanned and processed.

Steady Hand
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Hi Charlie,

The man on the right of image makes this a very interesting image.

Thanks for sharing the photo. I enjoyed seeing it (and your other stuff too).

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Fantastic image, Charlie. I love the story it tells.

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One of your many finest street photographs Charlie!

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nicely done, great scene

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I love it.

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I don't know how long you waited for this shot, but you definitely caught the moment.

Charlie Shugart
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Thanks Steady, Good Egg, Douglas, Alan, DT and Dein.
I was walking along one of the backstreets near the Seine River and saw the possibilities. I walked to a place that offered a perspective that I liked, preset my manual film camera and waited a couple of minutes, not looking directly at the man at all. When I saw what I wanted, I quickly raised my camera, zoomed for the composition I wanted, focused and fired. From the time I raised the camera to the time I pressed the shutter release was less than five seconds. I took the one shot and walked away.
I doubt the man knew I had taken his picture.
Not the best technique for taking portraits- but I didn't want a portrait. I wanted the man in the setting as it was whether I'd been there or not.