Night Bridge Shots From Florida

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Clearwater Florida Memorial Causeway bridge and harbor shot last week at sunset C&C is always welcomed

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The first comp is the strongest in my opinion and my favorite. The HDR doesn't add much in my opinion except for some noise in the sky on the right of the frame above the pier. The B&W is good too but I'd clone out the rip-rap in the bottom left corner.

capt don
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I agree really like #1 it has a lot going for it. Nice job

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I like #1 as well. Your HDR image isn't bad since I have seen very extreme uses, so I do kind of like your image. But overall, I prefer #1.


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love #1...beautiful...


David Leask
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Sweet colours and lines here, well done

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I like the reflections, though you could have created a variation in the pictures. They are very similar