Ansel Adams exhibition in London

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Just flagging up this exhibition...anyone who is visiting London in the next few months who can possible see it should.......I saw the last one here back in the 80s and the sheer quality of his work is still imprinted on my mind. Anyone just interested in B+W film work should visit as view the ultimate in what can be achieved with this medium.

Don't think because you have seen his work reproduced in books you 'know' what his work is like, wait until you have been up close and personal....

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I saw one of his 16x20 prints in person in the 80s. It was breathtaking. At the time I was into the Zone System, view cameras, and B&W printing. I bought his initial series of overly technical, albeit boring books. At the height of his popularity other photographers would capitalize on re-explaining his techniques/methods to those interested. In retrospect, I think he was more a documentarian and teacher with great technical skills. Adams drew inspiration from Edward Weston, a much better photographer IMO. Adams landscape work is usually centered around beautiful areas in national parks, the southwest, and the California coast. Hiking to those classic scenes with an 8x10 camera was the real challenge. Later he shot from a rooftop vehicle. Although Adams is thought to be one of the best of his genre, I think he is a bit overpraised. The curator of the exhibition in London seems to be as starstruck as I used to be. I have since moved on.