Cumbres and Toltec

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Doing there fall run...
Hope you enjoy..Carolyn

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Beautiful shots, Carolyn. That's some amazing color, and scenery. Just went to their website. Have you been on the train? Looks like it would be a very cool experience.


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Loving the first and the third shots. Each has terrific colors and nice lines (straight in the first one and curves in #3). I'm having a knee-jerk reaction to that black smoke, though; it adds a lot visually to the images, but I can't help thinking about what it's doing to the air!

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#2 for me - the shape of the train and the pano format really work for me.


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Thank you all for your kind words...

Ernie Aubert
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I like them all. Good viewing.

Scott Kroeker
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Great series of train shots! Love the colours.

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Hey Carolyn,

How cool! You got an old steam engine like that. #1 and 2 are my favorites.


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I dig #3. Did they stop, let you off for a run-by?

Kelly Cook

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I've take the C&T - personal taste is out of Chama vs to Chama - take the whole trip, and bus back