My best Bald Eagle so far

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Bald Eagle-Conowingo Dam Nov_2012 by jupitersolo, on Flickr

Many great BIF photographers in here. I hope this stands up as well as many in this forum. After a few years of trying, I happy with my trip yesterday.

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Very good. Great separation on the background. Good job!

Rob Tillyer
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That's a good one.


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Very nice Jeffrey ~ Ron

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You done did gooood.

Wacky roger

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Nice. I like the BG here, as it makes the eagle stand out more.

Wes N.

Herb Houghton
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Nice clear image. I think it may be a tad oversharpened ? Halo is evident on top of head and under belly. I'd also like to see it larger, maybe 900-1200 pixels wide. TFS

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sweet shot

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Nice image Jeffrey.

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It is a good one Jeffrey and the background is sweet


Tim Kuhn
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Very nice work Jeffrey, I really like the background in this one!


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Nice catch -- the important parts (eye and fish ) are right in focus.

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nicely captured Jeffrey

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Very sweet capture, Jeffrey.

Lance B
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And it's a beauty! Well done!

Ted ellis
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Congrats....a fine image. I agree about posting larger.

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Karl Witt
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Jeffrey that is one heck of wall hanger sir. My first instinct was that it looked over sharpened but after clicking on it and seeing the 'relaxed' size off Flickr it came to life just perfectly! Perhaps upsizing it for the thread here will show its full worthiness as it is all there to enjoy

you got one to be real proud of, don't blame you for calling it 'best'...........congrats