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After second shooting four weddings (thanks to DavidCZ), I am getting better at seeing my strengths and weaknesses. One thing that I want to work on over the next few months is posing/client interaction.

I would love to come out and assist any of you on a portrait/e-session/family shoot. I am perfectly fine with any role you want from gear mule to human light stand, I just want to see how you interact with your clients. No pay obviously, and I would like to work with as many of you as possible to see the different ways you guys interact.

If you want to see some stuff from me, just search for "A.S." or click this link to see photos from my second wedding (the only one I can post so far)

FWIW: A.S. Stands for aspiring second shooter. I have a great day job and am not planning on making this a career. It is just something that I am determined to get better at and something that I enjoy doing. I also am in more than good enough shape to carry gear over a long shoot, am easily presentable to clients, and carry personal liability insurance.

(hopefully this is within acceptable postings for FM, if anyone has issue with it, shoot me a PM)

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Joe is great to work with. Thumbs up.

I would love to shoot with him any time.

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Hey Joe, get signed up at Fearless Seconds as well! it's a great resource!