A little luck never hurts.

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I generally don't believe in luck when out shooting. You have to know when and where to be to get the shots. However, there may be some luck involved when something unexpected presents itself to your lens.

I got lucky yesterday. After my morning shoot, I returned home, cut the grass one last time, and did a few chores around the house. I then headed out to run some errands. About .25 miles from my house I passed a small field, and there was a RSH in the field fairly close to the road. I turned around in the next driveway and hurried home for my gear. As I returned, there was a lady pushing a stroller past the field. Without looking, I knew the hawk would be gone, but it had flown to a power line. I know the people who own the field, so I pulled off the road and walked towards the hawk. I didn't get too close, but managed two shots I did like.

Somehow my f stop was set at 10 - I don't normally shoot much past wide open??

Thanx for looking, and as always, C&C appreciated ~ Ron

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Super shots Ron with great wing spread on that second one.

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Wow, really nice Ron!

Both are good but for me, #1 is the shot!


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Sweet, Ron...well worth the trip back for the gear!

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Nice captures Ron! No 1 for me also. Wow!

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Nice images Ron. I like the second best.

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Wacky roger

Mark Cronin
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Great job Ron,
I really like the first.


Rob Tillyer
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Very nice Ron. Lucky is good.


Herb Houghton
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Nice ones Ron, I like that first one.

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#1 is very nice.

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Beauties Ron, both of them. Good job.

Ted ellis
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Wonderful shots Ron ! Like them both.


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#1 for me Ron

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Whoo! Keeping your eyes open is better than luck and you were clearly doing that! But I would certainly have considered myself lucky, especially for the first one.

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You made the best of this opportunity, Ron. Fine captures

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#1 for me. A very cool capture.

Wes N.

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super shots you captured, #1 is excellent

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