Old Red in Winter

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Scott Kroeker
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Technically not the first snow of the season but probably the first that is here to stay. Our massive winter storm prediction turned into a light amount of snow for my area while other areas got 8-10 inches of snow. Being cooped up with work and not having any real time to go out and photograph I decided I needed a break and revisited this old truck. Luckily it is less then 10 minutes from home. It was snowing while shooting and it really added to the overall image. The overcast light and poplar trees really made this truck pop off the almost colourless background. This is a multi image panorama. Each frame was shot in portrait orientation for extra image quality. The cropped version as shown is roughly 60MP. This will print tac sharp in a large print. I still want to capture a few more winter photos of this scene. With more snow and some midday and late day light and shadows.


Here is the same scene taken in Fall. Now I can't wait to capture a spring and summer version.


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I dig it, looking forward to seeing the other seasons.


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I like that winter shot. It's even snowing!


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Wow, powerful images

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Great shots. This is going to be a nice series.


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lovely shot and composition. I like the winter shot with the snow.

you know if you fix that car up, it'll fetch a good price :P


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Truly a wreck for all seasons - and you are making the most of it!


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Love it. That is one photogenic wreck you found there.

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Excellent work! Awesome subject.


Brad Williams
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Scott, you have a lot of great photos, but that first one has to be one of my favorites!

Scott Kroeker
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Thank all SO much for the kinds words.

Come hell or high water I have set aside Thursday to get out shooting with a fellow photographer. Looking forward!

roguecoolman wrote:

lovely shot and composition. I like the winter shot with the snow.

you know if you fix that car up, it'll fetch a good price :P


Thank you Jason. Actually, this one is beyond repair. What ever it would be worth after would cost double to get it there! All that is there is what you see,. No frame, no seats, no engine, just a shell. And in pretty rough shape. Which is JUST perfect for me!

Here is another about 20min from home I return to often:


And this WAS my favourite before the red truck but is now no longer there. I guess the owner got rid of it. At least I got 3 visits to it before it was gone.


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please do capture it during spring and summer and create a colalge out of it.
absolutely sumptuous light for autumn shot

Charlie Shugart
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I've seen that truck in #1 and #2 before, Scott- and I still really like it.
I really like all four images.

Scott Kroeker
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Thank you again!

Charlie, you are right. I posted the autumn version recently and just wanted to repost it for reference.

Here is another angle of this truck. Another pano. Not sure which crop I prefer.



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Hey Scott,

What cool shots you got here. Not sure which I prefer of the snow shots... really hard to choose, they are all good in their own ways. My favorite is the fall color one of the Red truck. It will be cool when you get all 4 seasons shot with it.


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i love all of your photos

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Very nice set of photos.

Travis Rhoads
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I like your original snow version the most, it shows the truck a little better, and matches up nicely with your fall version, which is also very nice.

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I agree with some of the others. The winter truck scene is a really nice shot. The atmosphere oozes out of my monitor, I can feel the blowing snow and cold...

J Mosher
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Great capture! I really like both of those images. Looking forward to the next 2.


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