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After following this 20 month old leopard for much of the morning she settled in a tree for a nap during the 100+F midday sun. After our lunch and siesta at around 3:45pm we were going to look for other critters when we got the call she was looking with some interest at some kudus. So, change of plans...we headed back to the tree we had left her at (the one with the snake) and after a minute or so she alighted from the tree (unfortunately on the wrong side to get those shots) and stealthily moved into the thick brush. Some impala had wandered into the area and apparently she was more interested in these antelope which are much smaller but still formidable for a young leopard. We waited and then out of the corner of my eye I saw here lunge for a impala...GOT 'EM! Our driver gunned the engine and we got our front row seat for the main event.
You gotta love a leopard that takes a full grown male impala and does it in the golden hour!
Please take a look at the videos...a few are under 20 seconds but one goes on for 10 minutes and is unedited. If you are upset by images of animal predation please do not view but for the record, there is no gore. Death occurs by asphyxiation and by compressing the carotid is relatively quick and silent.

1 Eye spy with my little eye

2 On the move

Video 1 click on thumbnail

Video 2 click on thumbnail

3 First shot...we are still moving


5 wide mouth on the carotid artery

6 The death stare

7 Moving down to the throat

8 Applying some torque

9 Grip released the end has come

10 Licking its can see there is no blood only a crease in the neck

11 Very satisfied

12 Checking for thieves

13 Licking the wound...remember the tongue is almost like sandpaper

14 I am sure it is telling me that sharing is out of the question

Video 3 click on thumbnail

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Tres bien!!! Awesome set Eric. Lots of good behavioral information.

Howard Kearley
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Those are for the Leopard! and those are for you Eric. Friggen fantastic - man, you got some sharp eyes there. I'll wait right here to see images of her taking it up a tree. Now I'm gonna go back and relish the details and techs and videos.


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Okay, I got a little excited there and posted twice - Leopards do that to me - just never on the internet before. Since I don't know how to delete it...a few additional comments: you nailed the exposure on these, especially the first one. A blown sky and yet the eyes are so clear and sharp, obviously you and the 1DX metered this to perfection. Was this your wife doing running the video? congrats to whomever. This young cat is sure full of confidence.


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Wow, good stuff. A pleasure to view. I felt like I was there

Rob Tillyer
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Amazing stuff Eric videos and all. That first is wonderful.


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What a story, and great photos to go along with it. What an amazing thing to watch!

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A great action set Eric, and the videos are super ~ Ron

Tim Kuhn
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You gotta love a leopard that takes a full grown male impala Ah heck, I could do that!

A stunning set my friend, this truly is an amazing set. I got nothing but kudus for you! Er I meant kudos Really Eric this is a rocking set!


Mark Cronin
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Really enjoyed these Eric..


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Wonderful Eric!


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Wacky roger

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That is one helluva series. Great work.

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One word. Wow!

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Great documentary series Eric. Well done.


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I'm going to start calling you Ken Burns for your documentary skillz.
My pulse was up just watching your video, can't imagine the rush of witnessing this firsthand.
Excellent work Eric, thanks for letting me experience it.


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Fantastic shots and video Eric !!!!


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Fantastic action series...perfect paw hold around neck and stare in #6...and what a clean choke in #9....#11 though comes out trump in this set, it is the perfect frame for the after-kill...

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excellent action set Eric

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