Veterans Day Bald Eagles

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In honor of Veterans Day, here are a few snaps from today (Sunday 11 Nov 2012) at Conowingo of the American Bald Eagles. Apparently it was a foggy morning. It was a beautiful day when I arrived at 0900, not a lot of action going on and what was seemed to have dissipated by 1000 when the gates were closed. Still, a great way to start your Sunday


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#3 is pretty neat! Well done.

Rob Tillyer
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You got some good ones Eric.


David Leask
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Great set Eric, good job with them all

Howard Kearley
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These must have been taken in Alaska. Good job.


3 for the Road
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Fantastic images! As a veteran I appreciate them. Thank you!

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Nice set Eric, you done did gooood.

Wacky roger

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A very nice set Eric. 1, 3, and 7 stand out for me ~ Ron

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great set Eric