September stragglers (7)

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Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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Some images from September that were waiting to be posted


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
Total Posts: 46255
Country: United States

Herb Houghton
Registered: Feb 15, 2007
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Country: United States

Killer set Tim, I love the details you've captured in the hummers.

Registered: Sep 19, 2009
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Country: Canada

Fantastic Tim

Registered: May 02, 2010
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Beautiful set Tim !!


Rob Tillyer
Registered: Nov 17, 2007
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Beautiful set Tim, hope you have many more leftovers to share. For favourite I pick The great blue and the lazy humming bird perched rather than hovering for a meal.


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an excellent set Tim.. the hummers are great

Registered: Jul 02, 2010
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Super work Tim. I've seen shorebirds chase flying bugs like that crow is doing. Kind of comical to watch.

Mark Cronin
Registered: Nov 05, 2011
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Great work Tim,
Real crisp shots.


Registered: May 23, 2008
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Worth the wait. Beautiful shots as usual, Tim.

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These are all great Tim yet that great blue heron grabs me


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Love the hummingbirds

Karl Witt
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OK first things first, your Greenie looks a bit washed out to me Tim, pale in contrast?

Everything else is pretty good, ahhh, really good, ahhhhh most wonderful, ahhhhhhh thanks for the Flower (Queen Annes Lace), pick it and put it in some water with food color added to change its color

Hummers, Herons, Crows and Flickers, nice mix buddy! Is that a hornet coming out of the hole by the Flicker??


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Lovely set Tim ! #5 is my pick.

Registered: Sep 13, 2008
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Hummerz are gorgeous Tim... 5 is ridiculously good buddy.
The subtle color changes on the GBH are beautiful, love the pose, I like it a lot... but I'm a GBH junkie.
The crow looks like he's gagging on a bug and coughing it up.
Juvi NF looks super, I would love to find one sometime.
Greenie up a tree is something we don't often see.

Great stuff, hope the weather turns around for you guys soon.


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Superb images...keep them coming

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Um, leftovers are for Thanksgiving Tim! But these are tasty early treats nonetheless! And while I love hummers, the greenie in the tree is so different from how we usually see them here that I have to give that

Thomas Sanders
Registered: Aug 17, 2008
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Bet that "pink thing" is still bloomin bro
So nice to see those gorgeous Hummerz on such a grey cold morning
Great vertical pose in the opener and that wing blur really compliments #2
Smokin detail on the Heron with fishy Tim!
Cool perspective on the bug chaser and so nice of you to include some flora for our buddy
Dang I waited hours to get a shot of that cool red flower with a Hummer on it Nice catch bro!
Flicker is fantastic and a bonus Hornet too
Greenie acting like a Hawk is a crackup Tim and a way cool image for it's rarity

October next?


David Leask
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Super shots Tim, thanks for (eventually ) posting.

Registered: Dec 17, 2004
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Very nicely done Tim. It's 5 and 6 for me ~ Ron

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