My first Sandies (11)

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Believe it or not, I just saw my first Sandhill Cranes last weekend out near Lodi, CA. We went out for late afternoon, and will definitely try sunrise next time. They sure come in late when the good light is all but gone. But what sights and sounds! Now I get the pilgrimages to Bosque.

I was challenged exposing and post-processing many of these, but here are some of my first Sandie captures.

Comments and suggestions always welcome. Thanks for stopping by


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Excellent work Jim! I especially like 3 & 4. There is a small group in #3 that are not at all cooperating with the general flow of things. Better have a talk with them!

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Tim Kuhn
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Congrats on the first Jim The first three for me, well done


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Sweet Jim, very Bosque'esqe


Rob Tillyer
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Nice job Jim, that's a shoot you'll not soon forget.


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Congratulations !!! I have never seen these and what a treat it must be.
My picks of would be 1,2,3,4 and 8. Lovely set.
Can't wait to see your sunrise shots


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nicely done Jim .. the first two for me

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Congrats Jim on the firsts. You did well with these. 1 and 3 are my picks ~ Ron

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Welcome to the Fred Miranda Sandhill Love rehab center. All nice shots; #3 is my favorite.

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3, 5, 6 and 8 are super Jim


Karl Witt
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I am liking #4 and #9 as well as 1-3 Jim. Glad you had the chance to see multiples of them, I am still stuck on seeing two at most


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Beautiful set...first 3 for me..!!

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Jim, Congratulations, what a thrill it must have been and great photos to remember your first sandies by.


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Great shots Jim. I have not seen my first so I can only imagine the excitement.

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Nice images! If you didn't say anything, I could have mistaken these for Bosque. Nice job!

Thomas Sanders
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Always love seeing these big beautiful birds and you did em proud Jim!
Neat lighting treatment for these and hope you get another whack at em soon


Howard Kearley
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super shots and congrats


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Big congrats, Jim.
This looks like a lot of excitement. The air must have been full of sounds.

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