Ever Seen A White One?

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Hi, all. Haven't been doing much with wildlife lately. But, wanted to share this one. Taken on a recent trip to the NC mountains.

For more info:



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What a beauty !!! Great shot , love the background.


Tim Kuhn
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Nope never seen one Ed, now I know what color they are! Nice shot of him against the fall colors.


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A nice shot Ed. I'm on the hunt for one now. I know where it lives, but these 6 day weeks are giving me limited opportunities... ~ Ron

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Nice pose and a great BG. Lovely image.

David Leask
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Never seen one in the flesh Ed. Nice capture.

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Never seen that before, and there's a whole lot of squirrels around here...

Rob Tillyer
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That's a beauty Ed, and what a nice BG. I have heard of them but haven't seen one yet.


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nicely done Ed

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There's one that lives 2 streets over from me. Haven't seen him in a few months. I'll take a walk tomorrow and see if he's around and take a quick pic. Also took some pics of another near my work about an hour from my house. They're pretty cool to see.

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Hi Ed. Nice shot of a cool looking squirrel. I have actually seen quite a few of them. I went to school at Western Kentucky University and there were several running around campus. The school paper even ran an article on them at one point talking about how a recessive gene was the cause and that they were not albino as many students believed.

Thomas Sanders
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Good to see you Ed
A treat to see this one and super rare


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Nice one Ed! I've never heard of white squirrels but there are a few black ones here and there.


Howard Kearley
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hes cute


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Had one across the street from my home in central Florida a couple of years ago. I haven't seen it since but I was able to snap a few shots of it when I first saw it. Unfortunately there are a lot of hawks here and I don't think a white squirrel has much of a chance of decent camouflage...

I spotted it running across the road when I was coming home and wasn't sure what the heck I had seen. It seemed to be in a hurry to build a home of some kind in the oaks. What a treat it was. I also went straight to the internet and found that they are a bit of a phenom around the country.

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Thanks all for the interesting comments on this post. My intent on posting this was simply to share. Glad you enjoyed seeing a white squirrel.