10 from Stanford vs Oregon State

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Fresh off the field are just a few from the game today. Pretty entertaining game, went back and forth for a bit.

I was about to knock out the security guards though!! (and by "knock out" I mean "give a dirty look" lol) They had security guards whom I think were getting paid by the amount of times they told us to stay behind the dotted yellow line. On a few occasions they came up to me and asked me to get behind the line and I look down and I'm quite literally 12-14 inches behind the line. I looked down and he pointed to my lens saying that it "had crossed the plane"


Funny thing is, the offense was on the 30yd line headed the other way!

Whatever, no big deal. Pissed off a lot of other photogs too though.

So here's my take, lemme know what you think!











Russ Isabella
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Must have been a good game, Ed. Last week at the Utah v Washington State game I had a security person tell me I couldn't be on a section of sideline that always has been available to photographers. I look and there is at least one other photographer and about 30 people just hanging out. I ask him why those people can be there and he says because they're behind the second line (further back from the field). Anyone 'listening' to this will think we're being pissy, but it's so much work to get to the spot you want to shoot from at any given moment that to be turned away unexpectedly (or treated in a seemingly absurd manner) is a real pain in the ass.

Anyway, back to your photos! Strong set. All are good, but my favorites are 5, 6 and 8.

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Ya, I hear ya. A couple weeks ago at the Raider game they wouldn't let us kneel on two knees. Had to be one knee down and one up. First time any of us had heard of that, then two weeks later no one regulated the 'one knee' rule.

One of the security guards today said the "no lenses over the line" was an NCAA rule. I highly doubt that is the case.

Anywho, had fun shooting today. Always trying to improve.