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... a photographer is probably not feeling great.

I had an email this morning, towards the end it read:

"Also I have had so many compliments about the pictures, one of the bridesmaids showed her parents and sister and they said they were the best wedding photographs they have ever seen and another friend who got married on 1 September said they were so fabulous it made her want to go and sue her own photographer!"

FACE: Oh, that's nice. Smile. Oh... oh no, that's very bad .

The wedding I did, the B&G were both lawyers, and apparently half the room was as well. I'm certainly glad they liked the photos...

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I had a whole year of "Legal" weddings, great to work with and they know their way round a contract.

As for the other Photographer, every client has the opportunity to seek out and pay the right fee to the right photographer for the right pictures. These people are not silly they have law degrees, they just don't want to pay or they don't value photography enough. As for them Ignorance is bliss and hindsight don't stand up in court
Some, even the clever people in the Legal sector choose not to pay, a nod and a wink gotta a deal on the photographer, but will spends thousands on lavish rubbish long forgotten a week after the wedding. Why waste time and emotional energy on something you cannot recreate. The pool is swimming with so-called photographers at the moment, I hope a lot of them make it to court, I really do, especially the one's with membership to so called wedding photographer organisations who fill their pockets with membership fees, with members you wouldn't let loose with an iPhone and believe it or not fill their portfolio with stock images from of all places Florida.

Well done you, it's heartening to get a little credit now and again