Couple Ducks + Hawk with Mouse on the menu

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Thomas Sanders
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Had the gear pointed down in the shadows waiting on some little ones to come out into the light. This Drake came strafing in and I had zero time to adjust so made this one at 1/400 sec

Must have been over a hundred Wigeon at the marina, nice to see them back!

Had a very slim window to get a look at this Redtail, he saw me and couldn't decide whether to fly away or keep eating.

Exif Intact

Rob Tillyer
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Three beauties Tom, my what a background on the mallard.


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Super work Tom. I love the background of the first photo.


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Wowies Tom

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The first one is just unreal!


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i agree with morris, the background in the first shot is great. the hawk tearing up the rodent is fun too!


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Nice work on these Tom!

Tim Kuhn
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This was funny, I was going through posts that I had open in tabs and I got to this one. I saw the Mallard Drake and thought "Tom" and then thought you didn't have any open posts. Amazing what I can forget in 10 minutes

Like I said, 1 has your skillful prints all over buddy. I knew it was yours from first blush.
Good to see the Wigies are back, I can almost hear that inane whistling Beautitul flyer!
Oh the Hawk, you captured the raw nature of this scene splendidly Tom. What a shot

I want a piece of this action


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Real excellent work, with a beautiful bg that really sets of the sharpness of the bird in the first two shots.

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Nice looking set Tom.

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Fantastic set Tom !!


Karl Witt
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Could I see #1 BIGGER please

Geeeesh Tom that is one saweeeeet image with your opener. Now all that glamor in the BG is an added bonus but what a lovely shot the more simple one makes in #2 for the Wigeon. I like your choice of BG's for these two different subjects and I am 'sure' that was intentional

I think you rudely interrupted dinner! Off with his head I say

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The background on that first one is siiiiiiiiiick! The colors are almost impossible and so complimentary to the ducks. the foreground in the last is almost as sick....reminds me of Rosemary's Baby when Ruth Gordon invites Mia Farrow over for Chocolate Mouse!
I won't short change #2...a mighty fine image that just happens to get squeezed between heaven and Earth.

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Nice shots...loved the second one..!!

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nicely done Tom .. #1 for me.. i especially like the BG

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I like 'em all Tom ~ Ron

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That mallard is outstanding. Would look great as the wallpaper on my 27" monitor. That background is something.

David Leask
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Nice ones Tom. The IF ducks are perfect. Well done on the RT as well

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Yup, very cool. Glad the hawk stuck around for a shot!!


Howard Kearley
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Sweet shots,


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