135L for $650 from 1998...good deal?

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All in the title...I always want to try this lens...a friend of a friend suggest $650 but the lens is from the "first" batch...is it worth it?

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I would say yes

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Most likely, yes.

But what's the condition? I mean, if it's pretty beat up, why don't you pay a little more for one in like new condition. It took me weeks before I could sell my UY 135L at the price that I wanted ($800). And I've seen something lower.

If it's in good condition and it works perfectly, why not? You're not gonna lose much. It's not gonna be that difficult to resell it $600+ if you decide to part with it.

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If it works YES!!!! Even regardless of the physical condition.

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A steal if the lens is in EX condition plus its accessories w/ box. You can get $850 like new one

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cohenxa wrote:
All in the title...I always want to try this lens...a friend of a friend suggest $650 but the lens is from the "first" batch...is it worth it?

It's not the years it's the mileage, my 135L is years old but pristine.

As it was a new lens back then I would say you actually have slightly more chance of getting a good one.

Yohan Pamudji
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I have one from 1999 that still works flawlessly. If this lens is similar I'd pay $650 for it.

Chuck Fry
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The EF 135/2 L is derived from the old FD 135/2. Canon has lots of experience at this focal length. I wouldn't hesitate.

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Mine is about 8 years old and still like new in shots, no MA is required. Best L for $ I ever paid

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Another vote: Hell yes!

This is a lens that continues to be stunning, and you never hear bad things about. Mine is a little younger than that, but I was the original owner... and it's the sharpest lens I own. AF as fast and accurate as the day it came out of the box.

Notably with primes (less to move around/go wrong), specially with good ones, I don't really care how old it is unless there's a remarkable reason. Hell, my 1968-ish FL 55mm f/1.2 is still a stunner. Talk about old.

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Yes, no question about this. Even if AF breaks, you can still easily get it repaired for this price of the used lens.

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I'll buy it if I didn't have one already.

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I bought one for $600 last year, it was a little newer and near mint. As long as the lens is working OK, get it. If it needs repairs, you can do better.

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Has been as low as $929 from Abesofmaine.com
with free shipping for brand new 135 L
within last year or so.