Life at 500mm (7)

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Tim Kuhn
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Some more images from the past, 2010. Foul weather has a bunch of us digging through the archives. Here are some that I recently picked out plus two landscapes from this year.


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
Total Posts: 46255
Country: United States

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Excellent shots Tim. Number 3 is my preferred one

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Excellent mash-up Tim, love the colors on the GBH! Love also how the pied-billed grebe was curled up, and that ma and baby shot is just precious! The song sparrow is beautifully framed! And that greenie is having some eye checkup eh? Love also the landscape shots!

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All are Top notch!

However #3 is just so adorably cute!

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See Tim...size is only relative. Your 500mm was just right for the job at hand.
The pbg with chick is about as perfect as it gets and the sunset is spectacular. If the view of the cascades isn't enough to make us all want to pay that part of the country I'm not sure what is.
Sometimes it's nice being forced to go back and look at images we passed over.

Rob Tillyer
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Great set and super landscapes Tim. #3 is pretty hard to top.


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Great set of Photos,Tim.Nice details on the Greenie.

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Beautiful series, Tim!

The sparrow is not a Song sparrow but looks like a Fox sparrow to me.

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great set Tim .. #3 is my favorite

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GBH and Greeny are fabulous.

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What a beautiful frame you have got in #3....and lovely light in #1.

Shiva dancing
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Great set! With our first foot of snow having fell in town overnight, I am looking forward to spring in 6 months!

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Now that's living the good life! Very nice all around, #1 and #3 are stand outs for me.


David Leask
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Fine shots Tim, great stuff.

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To think you have kept these hidden ! What a wonderful set. The PGB and baby is just marvelous, what an image.
Beautiful set Tim !


Conrad Tan
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Something about #2 really steals the show!!!!!! Love the rest too! Funny what you find in the vault eh?

Thomas Sanders
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Ahh, some gems from the sock drawer

Can't get better ambiance for the opener buddy, gorgeous in every way!
Both of the Peebie Geebies rock especially the second one Tim. Tail up and the kid peekin out, love it
Super compo for the SS and we'll have to pay a visit to the studio this winter
Man you dialed some magic on the M4 for the Greenie, you can see it all
Last two scenes are beauts, the gradient and color on 7 is magnificent bro!

2010...............a very very good year


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Great set Tim, it seems I've been digging through the vault all year


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Very good set, Tim.
#3 is very cool and very sweet.

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