Tall bride, shorter groom

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I have my final wedding of the season tomorrow. This will be my first wedding where the bride is about 5 inches taller than the groom. Can you let me know/show in images how you have creatively posed couples like this?
It is much appreciated. It's going to be chilly, high of 40 and some wind forecasted tomorrow, if that makes any difference. Our plan is to drive around to 5 locations prior to the ceremony and get couple photos.

Any advice would be terrific, thanks!

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Two ideas:

1) Have him seated, her kneeling behind him w/ her arms draped around him

2) One of them is standing on the floor or steps below, the other is whispering in their ear or kissing them from above, maybe even lying on a wide-enough stone fence or something like that.

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Use lots of sitting poses - both sitting and or the bride sitting with the groom standing. Try finding hills. slopes, or stairs/steps to even them out a bit.

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I wouldn't seat the bride while the groom stands. I think I would immediately think you were trying to cover
up a height difference, when really, there's no reason to work so hard to cover it up.


both of them sitting is a good idea. hopefully she's not wearing heels and chose flats.

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I had one like this, bride was about 3-4" taller than the groom. Not sure if it worked or not but I put the bride on a step higher than the groom so the height difference would be assumed it was because of their position rather than their anatomy.


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^^ erm wrong way round kick the Bride off the kerb
Seriously bend and shape the Bride, small interactions between them can bring them in line, shoot from above, sloped ground, Groom on higher ground, bride seating in some will work also.

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And the reason we're trying to cover up a height difference is ...

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D. Diggler wrote:
And the reason we're trying to cover up a height difference is ...

This. I had a couple a few years ago that the groom was probably a good 8-12 inches shorter. Was no big deal.

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address it with them.
Ask them if they have any issues with the height difference, that way you can try to minimize it in some photos, or just roll with the punches.
You're not addressing something they're not aware of, just clear the air.

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I had the same issue.. A really tall bride and a real short groom but not just short.. small frame and looking like 14 yrs old. I was direct and to the point - once i had met them a few times and felt comfortable with them...asked them if they wanted me to shoot a certain way to try and not show such a difference..I also suggested that they choose a panoramic album style instead of a vertical..for obvious reasons..and it did work out better.....
hey if it obvious for you its obvious for them and everyone else.. So no need to hide the issue.. They told me it was fine.. just shoot as normal.. and so it worked out.. One good trick i learned is do a slight tilt toward the groom.. It kinda crops him in the frame a little higher.. but of course not for every photo..

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This couple was not bothered by the height difference, yet they chose this as their fav engage pic

Zilker Botanical Gardens by TexasValerie, on Flickr

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I get that too sometimes. Usually the conversation ends up with someone saying "well we did decide to marry each other" =)
Don't make them into something they aren't. Don't force a composition or a seating position just to have their faces line up. It's not always needed.
When you have more than a few inches difference...say 1 foot difference, pull out a chair, have the tiny bride sit on his lap with her arms around him, get them to cuddle..interact..shoot closer...

work with what you got, don't force it.

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