too much postprocessing for sports?

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My sports photos in pure digital form were a little "meh" in color so I played around with Lightroom settings to try to get a more filmy or kodachrome look. I don't know if the colours in these photos are too extreme though. They also seem to clash with my other photos if I present them as part of a portfolio...

Bob Jarman
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For me the action shots are OK, however the skins tones on the cheerleaders seem over the top.


ben egbert
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I don't have a clue how you guys see color so well. But why not take a shot at a color checker for reference.

And why Kodachrome? I always thought it was more of a landscape film.

All the colors look fine to me which is not saying much.

Mister Bean
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I don't think the colors are too extreme. I like them quite a bit. Well done.

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I remember Kodachrome to be a bit more gentle on skin tones. The green channel looks ok, but I don't think I am a fan or orange people. The action shots are good.